Policy & Forms
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Policy & Forms

Impartiality Statement



Impartiality is fundamental to the provision of audit and assessment services, and a core value at JMUIM Halal Pakistan. Our management is committed to impartiality in the Halal Assurance Quality Management System certification activities. We are fully aware of the importance of the management of impartiality in carrying out our certification services. We have identified, analyzed, and documented the possibilities for conflict of interest arising from the provision of certification including any conflicts arising from its relationship. JMUIM Halal Pakistan has documented structures, policies, and procedures to manage impartiality and to ensure that the certification activities are undertaken impartially.

Our Policy


We JMUIM Halal Pakistan is committed to providing Halal Certification services to the industries involved in the food chain as per Islamic guidelines/Islamic Sharia Laws defined in Holy Quran and Sunnah.  The total management/ staff that are involved in our Halal Assurance Quality Management System Certification are Muslims and firmly believe in

To confirm that JMUIM Halal Audits and Halal certifications decisions are conducting independently with no influence of any 3rd party and person and also to check the compliance of Islamic Sharia guidelines, we conduct an annual impartiality meeting in which independent Muslims- Food and Sharia experts participate and review all impartiality risks and conflict of interest. We maintain a highly skilled level of Auditors and Sharia Experts and continually upgrade the skills of our employees by training and also provide external training whenever necessary and also developing Islamic work culture and environments. To maintain compliance, we are trying our level best to comply with PS 4992:2016 Standard. We are committed to implement and maintain all the requirements of the standard.