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A one-year diploma in halal foods (Takhsas fi fiq hil halal) is being started by Center for Education and Research with the collaboration of JMUIM halal Pakistan in Islamabad city. Islamic scholars and students from different Madrasahs attended the introductory class of the course in which they were given a brief introduction to the Halal industry.

The role of science in halal industry was presented by various PhD doctors and food scientist. Dr. Hafiz Sajid anwar presented the sharia aspects of Jelatin halal food industry.  Training on the technical aspect of Halal and Haram in food and beverages was conducted by Mr. Moatasim khakwani.

Dr. Kashif Shaikh’s topic was the use of alcohol and beverages In the light of the rules of jurisprudence on which he trained the students. Maulana Salah ud din shed light on the topic “sharia aspect of Preparation and use of dairy products” and scientific aspects of same topic were presented by Dr. Salmaan Saeed. Dr. Habib ur Rehman delivered a lecture on alcoholic types and uses and their rules in jurisprudence.

JMUIM Halal Pakistan will continue to carry out such activities for the betterment of quality parameters of its customers and food industries, which will promote the Halal industry in Pakistan.