About the Company
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About the Company

Learn about our history and work




Alhamdulillah, JMUIM Halal Pakistan is Pakistan’s First leading halal certification body, associated with JAKIM in 2009. JMUIM Halal Pakistan has been established & wholly owned by “Jamia Markaz Uloom-e-Islamia Mansoorah” which was established in 1981 to provide religious education devoid of any sectarian prejudice-pure Islam, having decayed-long experience in Islamic jurisprudence, halal standardization, pieces of training, and halal certifications.

Our Mission

JMUIM is striving to strengthen the “Halal Tayyib Culture” in Pakistan food industry and pharmaceutical sectors by creating awareness among the stakeholders and providing certification services to its clients following the modern standards laid down following teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah


JUMIM desires to see:

  1. Pakistan country that is not only free of Haram but also free from Mashbooh.
  2. A uniform global Halal standard to be implemented worldwide.
  3. Making Muslim countries primary Halal producers for the world Market.


  • Farming Animals; fish, egg production, milk production, beekeeping, fishing, hunting, trapping.
  • Perishable animal products; including all activities after farming, e.g. slaughtering meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, and fish products.
  • Products with long shelf life at ambient temperature; canned products, biscuits, snacks, oil, drinking water, beverages, pasta, flour, sugar, salt.
  • Feed production; animal feed, fish feed.
  • Biochemical additives; dietary supplements, cleaning agents, processing aids, bio cultures, and microorganisms.


We are proud to be the most authentic platform of Halal Sharia and a Technical forum of its kind. It’s the central principle of our interaction and communication with client partners, JMUIM Halal Pakistan thus guarantees for maintaining secrecy regarding any information.


JMUIM Halal Pakistan is a legal entity certified by JAKIM Malaysia and is an autonomous body within Pakistan. We deal with the audit and certification of Halal product(s) / services(s) and management system of our clients which are related to Halal certification as per relevant Pakistan Standard(s) on Halal by Sharia laws. We aim at defining requirements for Halal procedures, rules for the execution of the Halal process, and activities at the national level.

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