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Watch Strap Review Part 18. - Strapped Watch Co. It really is February therefore we have just one more Watch Strap Review to suit your needs. Although we strive and discover strap makers from around the world the ways to access to offer space for males eminating from the same country, in particular when we 檙e referring to countries such as the US or Italy where many craftsmen are dealing with leather goods. Don worry, we are going to widen our map with a brand new country again until then let mention a strap maker located in the US. It's really a very sympathetic company that features a great possibility to be among the most beneficial around with a friendly attitude along with a professional execution with regards to straps. Ladies and Gentlemen please meet: Strapped Watch Co.Strapped Watch Co.To any extent further i want to contact them SWC as being a, it's easier and b, this is one way they refer to themselves. A little while ago I received an Instagram DM from Shawn, the guy behind this project. He seemed like a very humble yet professional guy and nice chap in general. We discussed a few things concerning the review, like we usually do, and agreed that Shawn would send us a few instances of his work with the upcoming review. Permit me to emphasize that through the process he's got been shown to be just about probably the most helpful and simple guys I have ever handled. Not that I wouldn't possess a relationship with guys we review but he was extremely nice and helpful. For the, I thanks to you, Shawn.The business is situated in Chicago, the same city where watch sensation and friend of Fratello Watches, Oak & Oscar hails from. Something have to be in the air in Chi-Town when it comes to replica watches as apart from the above-mentioned guys our last Watch Strap Review contestant, Rover Haven Straps, also originates from nearby the Windy City (well, Michigan, but close!), the same as the late Speedmaster legend, Chuck Maddox. SWC uses tanned leather through the best American tanneries including Horween (also Chicago-based). The driving force behind establishing business for fake rolex watches Shawn, as with most cases, was lacking a good strap for his first nice watch, again such as many cases, a Panerai. Shawn took one step during a period replica pedometer watch , learning, experimenting and improving his skills simply after Eighteen months did he feel that it time share his creation with friends. The rest is history, as it were and we are happy that individuals may help cementing SWC name in to the walk of fame of strap makers.Custom Football StrapI received 3 straps from Shawn, 3 different yet unified ones. All of them are manufactured from Horween leather (what else, right?) yet they are and feel totally different. During my time as an author for straps and accessories on the whole I have come across an excellent few sports-inspired straps. Ie tried one created from a baseball glove, an actual baseball, on the other hand have not yet see one crafted from a football. Technically that one is not crafted from a football either though the actual leather the footballs are constructed of. I want to elaborate; Horween may be the licensed (only) supplier of leather for your NFL. Which means the corporation (Wilson) producing the actual footballs for the NFL needs to buy leather from Horween. SWC has the same raw leather so instead of buying old balls and cutting them up they only makes use of the leather away from the manufacturer. Now let go through the measurement; 13cm and 8cm in total, 20mm wide and 4mm in thickness. These are pretty standard sizes I'm sure. However, Strapped Watch Co. is satisfied to do business with your measurements if you need to get one custom-made, like my friend Michael Baby-wrist Stockton could have I always frightened of these sports straps as I often think they might be stiff and uncomfortable inside wrist ? and I always wrong. This strap is perfectly fine, sits comfortably and doesn't make my skin itch in any respect. replica shop mont blanc watches It is not tapered this is the reason the thickness I 檇 only suggest deploying it on relatively large replica watches. In fact, I wore it before the the Super Bowl so it already has some nice history linked to it. The buckle can be a 20mm brushed steel SWC-logod custom piece: pretty nice sleek-looking. The white stitching is even and waxed, edges are also smooth and painted. In general, replica watches it a cool summer strap alternative for the go-to watch. It might look cool with an Oak & Oscar (I looking at you, Chase). The cost of this awesomeness approximately $85 (about 鈧?5), which can be actually quite decent in my opinion. Vintage LeatherThe second strap within the parcel was something you 檇 see often. Most strap makers use this design not given that they don know better but because it a wonderful layout and appears great on any watch, vintage or new. Besides, Ie not witnessed 2 that looked similar despite with similar blueprint. Anyways, this particular one is tapered using the classical 20/18mm size, 13cm and 8.5cmin length and 3mm in thickness. According to Shawn it turned out created from Horween Derby leather these kinds of sites it being vintage, it possesses a similar effect for the Colareb straps I reviewed some time ago. It comes with a beautiful chestnut tone and ecru saddle stitching to suit it. The edges aren't just smooth but in addition rounded, giving the strap an additional comfortable feel and -sit on the wrist. The buckle with this is polished 18mm steel. If you're opting for this gem from Strapped Watch Co. it can run you $75-85 (鈧?6-75). I'm able to but suggest getting this when you have an excellent vintage watch with a faded or darker color dial. It might be a wonderful match. I enjoying it in my vintage Angelus and I have a feeling you won't leave the watch soon. NATOLast but not least we have a beautiful Horween Shell Cordovan nato strap in 20mm size. What can I only say over it? I do believe it just perfect. Shell Cordovan is popular leather amongst strap makers and leather craftsmen generally. The graceful shiny finish can make it unmistakable plus the stamp on the back guarantees that that which you have is indeed the real thing. You are unable to say much regarding a NATO; some like it some hate it. I prefer NATOs especially if they are made from leather. The nylon version can be so 2007. We saw that many watch company recently brought out a novelty with a nylon nato. Please, purchased out with something in 2010 on some sweet leather NATOs, similar to this one. Along with is rather dark brown, almost black and also the grey stitching with all the brushed buckle and holders pair up nicely with all the leather. I 檇 even put a nice Rolex Datejust into it and don it for any dressier occasion. No, I not a fan in the grey/black nylon NATO on a Seamaster 300 with suit like JB does. However, this is one area else, elegant yet sporty and special. The cost of this beautiful Strapped Watch Co. NATO strap is $75 (鈧?6) that seems such as a reasonable price in my opinion. ConclusionBesides the leather straps, Strapped Watch Co. offers you some canvas and nylon straps too but I sure if Industry experts Shawn yet say he most pleased with his leather creations along with a good reason. As said above, Shawn is definitely a nice guy and I very proud to possess managed to review his work. Eco-friendly thing: Shawn celebrated his 30th birthday the other day (13th February) plus the entire Fratello Watches team would choose to wish him a contented Birthday for your big 3-0 and much success with his business. Now dear readers let provide him with the most beneficial gift ever: as numerous orders as is possible.You will find Strapped Watch Co. online and also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Simply tell him Balazs from Fratello Watches sent you; he might supply you with a discount.